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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 29, 2014 4:29am-4:45am EDT

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russia excluding some sort of bizarre stockholm syndrome it seems that for people in breakaway republics in ukraine and georgia russia is a safe haven they often say that people vote with their feet and in the case of the most recent wars in european history it is clear whose feet are voting for whom and no mainstream media talking points can deny that but that's just my opinion. you can. google. dramas that can be ignored. to the. stories others refuse to know so. folks it's changing right now.
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to picture. from across the globe. look to. me. capital coming up in the e.u. officials tribal leaders of the south stream pipeline u.s. energy plans russian shoppers foreign pilots to fly russian planes were expenses and off area in princeton cabbie he'll be here a little later on us all to calm. the world cup sadly from a england is out of the competition on the twenty ten champion spain they're also out but despite that the spanish team is still the most more than nine hundred
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million dollars just that it's almost ten percent of the market value of all world cup play is this is partly down to competition success from madrid they won the champions league this year while the national team try and of course in twenty ten at the world cup in south africa curve calls we also have the european successes as well euro two thousand and eight euro twenty twelve unless there are we've got germany brazil but unfortunately england and italy they are our book big money spending it on the other end of the scale there's doris at the bottom just head with thirty one million dollars but these thieves these four teams just here that all still in the competition which demonstrates the fact that you don't need big money evidently to do well in this competition or do you is worth mentioning as well the spanish national team is worth thirty times more than the door and so what does this tell us about these big money tears with star players such as is
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today in red we're going to ask david coverdale from the sun these are now david this begs the question does money really make any difference a tour once those players are on the pitch. i think air and international football probably does make as much different as it does it in our current football income folks live in the richest clubs do you dominate they buy the best buyers they can coach them the best players are thirty rivals. to and it seems players going to be trying to get that it's over the whole season but come on well kirk that's a main it's a seven games two with a certain can do well without some of the expensive players depending on the tactics and their style of play. so that you will find a team that does win this turn and will probably have one of those really expensive players if you look at argentina they've got light on messi look at brazil they've got neymar and i think those are players will and probably winning the tournaments and we can't really ignore spain really because although they've got their well
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this well kurt the last three tournaments they have won the last three major tournaments and their squad is probably just past his peak now but i think you'll find you look at the welker winners from the past spain h.t. brazil france germany argentina they all have south expensive players as well as the strong teams are doing their notably the world cup earthing. but let's talk about the wages because obviously they are quite excessive on bang and it's the clubs opposing those wage is so with that i mind to think that the managers of these super clubs do think that they have too much power and therefore it affects how the national players play. i think if you look at least smaller nations the world means a lot more because they're not so. loyal to their clubs as they are as christianity now there's a new line of messages they fly a plane champions league in the big leagues the welcome isn't party quite as
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important if you look at it like customary care this is the pinnacle of their career and it's that chance for themselves in the shop window i think it means a lot more often than not used to playing in search global audience is as a sort of top privately players or players are playing since i can addition really isn't there or if you're looking for a pay rise or a promotion you can rid a and put yourself in the window as it were for these global big club managers but listen tell me david in your opinion all these wages i'm talking the fifty million pounds a week that a lot the premiership has iran is it excessive is it too much because it does say went off a lot of money doesn't have to conform football around heads yeah i guess you could ever justify someone earning that soft money but in a way everything is relative and when you look at the money the footballers bring in these days. justify it but there is no argument for it i mean to be completely
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pain huge students to share the games sponsors pay millions to be on the shirts of teams and that money then they become coming in because of the stars of the game and fans want to see that the same supply is playing so you can argue those players do you so desire the biggest choke and also teams now the invited florida ships brother that the russian who owns chelsea in the middle easterners and manchester city they can afford these wages share i mean why would they pay them and clubs now have to sort of to compete are going to have to start paying their salt because david you're a sports expert before i let you guy who is going to win the world cup this year. well i can say russia now that i know and love saying win but now that route. i think it would be brazil argentina. and. like i said god argentina. brazil. south american team
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players i don't know the climate. expectation. david talking to us from the sun today thank you very much indeed for your time enjoy the rest of the games i certainly were going to pick another team because i did have england a mad rush i think costa rica got to go for now because david have a good day good bye. this week austria signed a deal with russia to construct a south stream branch on its territory defying e.u. officials the commission is currently challenging really galatea of the project claiming that it doesn't comply with e.u. competition law and the forty billion dollar project is designed to carry russian gas to the center of europe already dependent on russia for third of its gas needs on a route that bypasses the current transit country ukraine but the company's c.e.o. he told a news conference after the signing he said europe needs russian gas europe will
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need more russian gas in the future because european gas production is falling i think the european union understands this too according to president putin the reason why the u.s. opposed the south stream is because it wants to supply gas to europe itself and this week the u.s. voted to speed up the export of u.s. liquefied natural gas now supporters of the deal they talk of the positive economic impacts for the u.s. and its allies as well critics they say that the idea is simply too expensive and talking all of us export power is the first export of an refined american oil in nearly four decades could be underway in the near future this would mean an end to the long term ban on selling u.s. oil abroad other rules were originally opposed after the arab oil in by. of the one nine hundred seventy s. which caused oil prices to quadruple and lead to rationing at gas stations across the country now let's see what's been happening in the corporate world here this
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week some of the found on foreign pilots in russia will be lifted for five years has also russian aviation more stock full permission to hire eighty four of the pilots russia needs more pilots to meet demand the industry guys twenty percent annually still saying that most russia's biggest carmaker will only produce vehicles to old up to the us wants to bring production in line with to conceive a devolved sales slumped by last year resulting in a box of redundancy is a good investment has invested one million dollars into gas problem security says despite the going gets to speak with russia and ukraine the company called up and climate quest about it has reportedly by the end of this year anyway picked it up to one billion dollars in total in russia's biggest gas company. time a
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full ten ten cabbie on the business desk far away are you still in positive territory i've no doubt that you all could you always all you know i know the wheel has yet again bust us last time we got russia's largest diamond producer and they would have four percent one dollar and dollars over two thousand dollars sorry. i don't recall movie you were able to go to money here and here it's crazy. why was it why do you think you all gaining this much money because i think people i will be thinking hold on a minute is this a wind up that's a lot of money to make and a lot of people are unlucky in the stock market as we know it's all just well i've got a couple theories well one thing is remember that a lot of small russian coppers do not trade in like international stark markets and stuff like that so we car there we get away. out of big winners on the wheel like big oil companies and stuff like that that are pretty reliable but you know it could just be pure luck who knows maybe next time we need to stock the wheel with something like off the vase because the russian car industry is pretty much flat
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line all the time or going down i just mentioned that corporate these are you know people in russia or believe me are really kind of discipline disappointed about it . and i think a lot of it is lucky i think also timing plays into the stock markets but it's a given all the while. spindle sylvester speak your timing if you remember we invested right before the ukrainian crisis really hit and we lost a lot of money on that once of the us time. it's not adding up. stall that means north steel in russian i have actually been to the silver star plant plant believe it out where they actually produce the steel so that's kind of a very personal thing for me and still something always need so hopefully this one will turn out just as well as almost every other week. so you keep going if you're going i want to see you get in that double because if you do reach the double we've got to have some champagne we've got to get you in the studio to adults or
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something and most importantly we've got to ask the director of the company to stop this madness and cash out exactly and go on holiday or something we're going to talk about holidays and about our rights in cavite well you keep getting money. what can you do you can't argue with that we'll figure katie. without money tim's going to be going on holiday somewhere nice and well the tourism season it is underway and twenty five percent fewer russians will be going to europe this year why because they say get any of these out will be difficult because the threat of sanctions so instead of these are countries such as turkey and egypt already the most popular destinations for russians will be getting avon a little popular they say now this also means that european ackles the suffering from a slump in. now the slumping ruble is also being the russian shoppers budget which is four times the size of the average traveler luxury shopping such as london and
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frankfurt they're suffering the most because that desire to have bags that watches a sun losses will the staying on the shelves due to russians staying closer to home with. one woman that could serve before to treat herself to a cheeky how bag or even a fancy hat or two is queen elizabeth the second is they reveal that the royal family costs the taxpayer. thirty five million pounds a year on the coast well it's going to be the next year to reach for who she really had which each tax payer is equivalent to the cost of a dairy milk chocolate bar but most of this money doesn't actually go straight to her highness it's got a hair anything about it goes on property maintenance stopping all of the buildings from decaying expensive stuff according to the sunday times rich list the queen is worth three hundred thirty million pounds and ranked two hundred eighty fifth in the world but this can only have
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a big if so because the queen is not expected to make a pass because she's for speculation date all right it is a bit tough to pull this week i will be back next week so i'll see that thank you for taking. don't think the united states was ousting in a college neither did russia i think fine for taking control over crimea and to get there we have a major crisis is on our hands. do you think that is likely to be resolved in some sort of grew out. of this is the last stage of borders that are produced this way that i'm not saying will be forgotten but. you know people found that themselves and the reality is if it turns out though this is the first step in that this is going to go on indefinitely. and threaten the very existence between the
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state and we're kind of in a different game. forever new should to go straight from being a violent outside of the existing order to being a well run from zero kristie is impossible it just won't happen because the acts of the revolution is that there are off the shocks a so great that there is a period of chaos. this is what we do kill people and break things. we can see something as simple as people playing a soccer game you can see individual players and we can. take.


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